Your wellbeing is essential at the Gran Hotel La Hacienda, that's why we have a wonderful Spa Centre that lets you relax, unwind and, at the same time, connect with yourself. And to complement this relaxation bubble, we have massage rooms offering relaxing massages, massages for stress, sports massages etc. which are so important for our bodies.

At our Spa & Wellness Centre, you will benefit from a space dedicated to finding harmony between body and mind that will make you forget the day-to-day, hectic lives we lead today.

A space with water elements to release your stress and prepare your body to enjoy a massage, therapy or a facial or body treatment... all available at the Spa & Wellness Centre, Gran Hotel La Hacienda! We have changing rooms with showers inside the Spa Centre. You can come down already changed or get changed right there, so there is really nothing to worry about, just enjoying yourself!

It is well known that the power of water helps treat muscle pain and activate vital functions, besides the pressure exerted by the water jets, it promotes muscular relaxation and improved circulation.

Rest + relaxation + treatment is the perfect combination for enhancing your wellbeing and body image!

Hot tubs and pools with massage jets

An aquatic area in which water exerts controlled action from pressure jets, air jets, waterfalls and swan necks, which are applied to the cervical, dorsal, lumbar, lower body and abdominal areas.


This is a walkway made up of pebbles and side jets powered with jets of hot and cold water that activate the circulation of the lower extremities. Walking over the pebbles actives circulation in the soles of the feet, stimulating energy points that control the rest of the body.

Finnish Sauna

The dry sauna works at temperatures of between 80° and 90° and minimum humidity so that beneficial effects are obtained through sweating from the release of toxins and activation of blood circulation.


Turkish Baths

A wet sauna does not exceed 70° and relative humidity is very high, at 90%. This is particularly suitable for cleaning airways.


Vichy Shower

The benefits of the Vichy Shower is that it acts on the nervous system in circulatory reaction and thermal reaction. This is a treatment that combines the application of multiple showers from head to toe with variations in pressure and temperature ranging from 37° to 20°.



The Gran Hotel La Hacienda has a large room equipped with modern machines and weights for our guests to get in shape and combine physical exercise in our gym with mental relaxation in our Spa.